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NEW For 2018:


Stats Over Past 4 Years:

  • 100% volunteer participation
  • 95% IM finisher rate
  • 96% injury free rate during season
  • 100% PR in one or all of the disciplines


Come Give Us A Try!

Intro to IPA Tuesday Night Track Sessions: 6:00pm, Tuesday night run sessions are always changing, please email us for this week’s location.
Saturday Morning Bike Sessions (weather permitting): 8:00am, Tom Watson Park

Fitter. Faster. Funner.

Many of you are asking how IPA members get fitter, faster, and funner.

What is the secret sauce? What’s so special about this group? What is it about our team that generates specific results?

Ready? Here it is: We help each other get faster.

Nothing more than that. We built a team based on enthusiasm and engagement around each other – we strengthened each other step by step alongside each person running next to us. We asked you to believe that each teammate is training just as hard as you, keep each other engaged, and be accountable. And we worked really hard. Really, really hard. And laughed even harder. We cheered each other on no matter what the speed, distance or intensity of the workout.

No secret sauce, no magical pill, no special workouts. Just plain and simple. And FUN.

It is a standing invitation – come and experience IPA Endurance. Come train with some of the most interesting, thoughtful, passionate and talented athletes we know. You will be blown away.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you.

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In-Season Schedule

Welcome to the IPA In-Season Program:

Our focus at IPA is your endurance career… that’s right, career… not a singular event. The In-Season Program will get you ready for your 2018 training and racing. It is based on building strength, speed, mechanics, and a whole ton of fun.

What you can expect is to get faster, with more efficient training… i.e. more time for family, friends, and fun; more awareness without a ton of technology; and teamwork with a boatload of fun. Training Peaks account included in your membership. NEW for 2018: IPA Mentorship program. In addition to your Head Coaches, we will match you up with current IPA athletes to guide and assist you, which will give you even more support and perspective.


  • January-March: Focus is on efficiency- so lots of drill work and dry land strength training.
  • March-May: Masters Swimming or Rec Swimming. 3 swim clinics with Coach Carole Sharpless and Coach Bill.
  • June-September: Tuesday, Thursday BAM open water swims and an increase in volume/intensity so you get out of the water with the least amount of effort expended. Look for Coach Bill in water to provide plenty of motivation, inspiration and key drill work for a better feel in the water.


  • Bike strength, power, and endurance is a key component to your success on the run. We like the indoor training sessions in the early months, followed by hill work and power rides in the spring, leading to outstanding endurance and racing in the July/August.
  • Jan-March: Our favorite high-intensity bike trainer work and when weather permitting, good, clean rides in and around Boulder County.
  • April-June: Increased endurance via larger volume high-intensity bike work, with a few big rides tossed in to clear the indoor season away.
  • June-November: We race.  (maybe even some X-C in the fall.)


Say it with me, “I love the track!” We will continue to use the track as our lab for mechanics, speed, mental training and good ol’ fashion fun. Hill work, long runs, and trail running for our weekend runs.

  • Jan-March- Midweek track sessions at local Boulder tracks.  Our key focus is on the run in 2018. A bit more volume and intensity, but always enough recovery to stay healthy and sharp.


  • Strength Training: Body weight course within weekly sessions.
  • Nutrition: Coach Alwin for continued education and awareness for pre, post and during nutrition plans customized for you.
  • Travel Race: Each year we travel for a weekend of racing and community building. Tri the Boat is scheduled for 2018 in Steamboat.


  • January 10th – October, 2018
  • In Person Coaching: 2x per week. Wednesday run and minimally one weekend session each week. 3x a week in the high season of training.

Pay What You Want – Holding your coaches to providing the BEST coaching around.

Our regular price is $160/month  – Sign Up Here!

What Our Clients Say . . .
Tom (Bingo) Hesemann
Tom (Bingo) Hesemann
I am starting my third season with IPA Endurance. They are more than just another multi sport training group, they are a family. A really nice high functioning family, not like the ones you see on TV. No egos, no alpha dogs no snobs just supportive adults having fun with a common goal to get “Fitter Faster Funner”. Oh, and by the way, if you dodge a workout to play bingo at Grandma’s House, don’t tell Bill Garrels. That is how I got the nickname Bingo.
Alwin P.
Alwin P.
I started my athletic career 3 seasons ago as one of the original IPA members. I'm now working towards my 3rd Ironman. If you think this is an easy program, you are mistaken. This is hard, high intensity stuff. The workouts are fun, highly focused and always different. The mix of camaraderie, team spirit and high intensity training is a golden mix. It is what prepared me and got me through two Ironmans so far. While I am writing this, I realize there is a high level of anxiety of joining a new team – in particular for athletes new to endurance sports. All I can say is: Come run with us!
Josh L.
Josh L.
I joined IPA two years ago overweight and lethargic, but knowing I wanted to change. Bill and Dean took me under their wing, and with tons of positive reinforcement and encouragement from other members, I found my confidence and love for endurance sports. I even ran my first half-marathon with them (Horsetooth Half), and then went on to complete my first full marathon (Denver Rock N' Roll), all thanks to their guidance and support. The workouts are a blast, and the comradery is unparalleled. I love IPA and would recommend it to anyone looking to get fit and make new friends along the way.
Nicole C.
Nicole C.
IPA Endurance is such a positive force in my life! It is one of the most fun things I've ever done. I trust Bill and Dean's coaching to help me become a better athlete, meet my goals, and to help me look at the bigger picture of my athletic career. And, the team is great! They are a hell of a lot of fun, supportive, and I'm so glad I'm on this journey with them!
Jon D.
Jon D.
When you look forward to a workout — I mean, really look forward to seeing your coaches and teammates — you can’t help but put in a better performance. The high-intensity/low-volume training philosophy has been perfect for my off-season, but what truly makes IPA special is the passion, joy, and personal attention we get from the coaches.
Harvey G.
Harvey G.
I've been training with coaches since 1977. Some were better than others. IPA has allowed me to take my running to new levels of speed and pain. I don't like the pain, but "no pain, no gain", and what I want out of my training now is more speed. I am willing to suffer and IPA is the place to be for that. I can't wait for the next workout.
Jeff K.
Jeff K.
I can't give enough praise and thanks to IPA coaches and members. It's great to be part of a team that supports one another and makes endurance training fun. I entered my first sprint triathlon about two years ago and barely finished. After training with IPA for the remainder of that year, I returned to the same triathlon the following year and shaved 13 minutes off my finish time. For someone who never envisioned himself competing in triathlons, IPA has been great for better health, consistent fitness, work/life balance, achievable goals, and wonderful friendships!



The IPA Endurance Athlete

Someone who wants to complete, finish and get faster at any multi-sport distance without leaving a trail of disaster at home, in their workplace, in their head and ultimately their body. We will work together on training smarter and more efficiently. That means no more 8 hour slogs just so you can say you rode the distance. If you’re tired of being tired of being tired of training, then IPA Endurance might be the team for you.

Not for Everyone

The IPA Endurance team is expanding to like-minded, Master’s Athletes, community and humor based athletes. We work smart and efficiently.  We laugh even harder.  We are all for the athlete, and our community. We are about your self-confidence and translating that into your overall life.  And we are confident that we can make you faster — and happier — as you come out to play on arguably the toughest playground in endurance sports. IPA is a MASTERS ATHLETES program.  We specialize in getting our team across the line at IM between 11:30 and 16:59.  If you want to go under 11:00, we are probably not for you.

The IPA Tribe

Triathlon is an individual event. The journey into yourself and your limits is what makes it so special. But we know you will get faster with a tribe of other accountable, committed athletes. We have mentoring programs that help share the stoke of multi-sport and impact our community.

Our Guarantee

Selecting a coach for Multi-sport is a very personal decision, and our approach won’t be a fit for everyone. If it isn’t working for you, we’ll help you find a program that fits. And, if you leave in the first 30 days, we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

We believe in what we are doing and know we can make you a faster, funnier, and happier athlete. Happy and well-trained athletes go faster.


January-June – Building a Solid Foundation for June Races. 14 weeks prepping with speed and strength workouts. 6-10 hours a week. 1x-2x coached workouts a week. Monthly plan with in person, email and phone support from coaches. 5k, 10k, 13.1 and other races as weather and group determines. Time Trials for each discipline.

April-August – Creating endurance based on speed and fine-tune race preparations 8-15 hours a week 2x-3x coached workouts a week, Monthly training plan with email, in-person and phone support. Early Season Local Boulder events based on IPA crowdsource and 5 hour max travel time. 

July-October – Peaking and racing your “best” race of 2018. Ironman, Sprint, Olympic races and anything in-between. We can make you fitter, which makes you faster which leads to funner races and training. IM Boulder / Boulder 70.3 are key races for 2018. We will create a taper plan for your event. If you want to race 70.3s – cool, if you want to race IM – fantastic!  If you are just trying it out, even better.

5430 Series- Ever wanted to give triathlons a go?  We have NEW intro track that will prepare you for your first triathlon.  With our new IPA Mentoring program, you will get first-hand knowledge from experienced IPA triathletes who will guide you, answer all your questions. This is the least intimidating and easiest way to transfer a huge knowledge base and you get one on one coaching experience.

Core concepts of IPA:

  • Going fast is fun.
  • Recovery is your friend.
  • We know you can go faster and farther than you thought possible.
  • Helping others get faster: you get faster.
  • High Motiviation: High Touch

What you need to be on the team:
· Positive attitude, accountability, true grit, your “why” for 2018, trust, and a ton of humor.

What your coaches will provide:
· Enthusiasm, encouragement, attitude, a plan, perspective, constructive feedback, and a few laughs.

Swim: Join your local Master Swim (BAM) or Rec Center team and swim with them on swim day workouts. Swim clinics once a month with Coach Bill and Coach Carole which will focus on mechanics, drills, and video. Various pools in the Front Range. $for entry to pool.

Cycling: Get a Bike trainer for January- March for Sunday group sessions and online midweek hammer fests. When the weather is even remotely nice, and the roads are clear, we will be riding outside on the weekends.  Spring to Fall: Ride BOCO county and beyond in safe, fun, and pace appropriate groups.

Run: Weekend workouts for our Long Runs together. Various Boulder County locales for Track Sessions.  Racing regularly at the local, 5k, 10k, ½ marathon, X-C races in and around Boulder County.

Parties: We like them. We need them. We throw them.

Distances: We can train you for any distance – from “Never done one” to Ironman and everything in between. All are welcome.  What we care about is getting you to a new experience of you being faster, fitter and funner.

Volunteering: IPA Fun Zones and Magic Aid Stations for a couple local races.

Community Fundraising: New for 2018.  We are pledging to raise $10,000 for local non-profits that support Mental Health with children/teens, Veterans and Suicide Prevention.

Price: NEW FOR 2018- Pay What you Want Plan. Try us out and pay what you want. This holds us accountable to provide to best possible coaching, training, and experience around. We are committed to creating a unique environment for you to achieve your goals and dreams. Our suggested monthly price is $160 for: training plan, 2x a week coached workout, hands-on coaching, group training and a couple of magical training sessions.

The sessions go from January through November 2018. 10 months of group training, coaching, and getting fitter, faster, and funner.

Check out the FAQs. Ask other IPA athletes what they experienced with the program.  We promise you that you will learn something new about yourself, performance and our awesome sport.

Pay What You Want: Suggested Pricing

Our flexible pricing puts your success entirely in your own hands. You won’t get any sales pitches or pricey fitness plans from us. Know what that means? Your biggest obstacle is your own determination.

So if you’re ready to say a big YES to yourself, and catapult to a new level of fitness, see below and find the right plan for you.

FUNNER Membership

Includes IPA Shirt, 12 Coached Workouts

PWYW Membership

Pay What You Want!


The Coaches

Bill Garrels

Bill Garrels

"I am Spartacus!" View Details
Dean Maruna

Dean Maruna

"I love to COACH!" View Details
Bill Garrels

Bill Garrels

"I am Spartacus!"

Bill is an accomplished athlete finishing every race he has started from Catalina Sprint Triathlon, Bud Light Series, Wildflower, CA Ironman, Vineman, Hawaii IM, 24hours of Tri Team, Leadman and UltraMan and numerous other events over the last 25 years. He loves sharing the fun and excitement of training, racing and learning how to reach your personal goals… and beyond your limits.

Our spiritual leader and chief hugger, BG’s all about giving back to the community and helping others achieve their goals, whether it be finishing a 5K or cranking on some crazy endurance race. He looks forward to working with the IPA team on not only the physical aspects of training, but the whole experience.

Dean Maruna

Dean Maruna

"I love to COACH!"

I have done more than 350 races in the last 12 years. Running, duathlon, and triathlon each have their own lasting impressions. From toeing the line with elite runners to being awed by age groupers finishing their first triathlon, each one is different and brings one more great opportunity to learn more about myself. Showing others how to thrive and learn what they can do is my goal.

When not training and racing, I spend my days working for Pearl Izumi, and my free time with wife, kids and grand-kids in Erie.

  • 13 time member of Team USA
  • 2011 duathlon world champion
  • 2012 national duathlon champion

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    The HSBC UK | National Marathon Championships will be returning to the Isle of Man this July, British Cycling has confirmed. The championships – to be held on 28 July – will represent the third year in the row that the island has staged the event, with the venue’s popularity with riders due to the technicality and variety of the single lap, 100km route. The 2018 event – staged in unseasonably inclement weather conditions – saw Nick Corlett (Manx Mountain Bike Club) and Sally Bigham (Canyon Topeak Factory) claim the national titles. The Isle of Man’s Minister for Department ... [read more]
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Two guys with over 30 years of combined racing experience from 5K to Ultraman Triathlon, World and Age Group champions, trinket winners to DFL. We have lived and experienced it all and know what it takes to enjoy your journey in this crazy world of endurance sports.
There is no “too slow” for IPA. We structure the workouts so all you have to do is put in your best effort for the day. Nobody cares what your “speed” is, only that you give it your best.
We have broken the season into various tracks based on the feedback and goals of the team. This is very dynamic with plenty of options to meet your training needs.

  1. 20 Week IM Boulder Track: Starts Feb 1st – Classic Track
  2. 20 Week 70.3 Boulder Track: Starts April 1st – Classic Track
  3. 5430 Series: Starts Feb 1st – Progression Track
  4. Month to Month Coaching – Specialized Track for your event(s)
  5. Run Month to Month Coaching 12-16 week programs – Specialized Track
  6. New Track: 20 week track for NEW Athletes – Progression Track
  7. Personal Coaching – Custom Track
  8. Fall 70.3 or IM- 16 week – Classic Track
It is a model that holds us accountable for providing the best coaching and group training around. It pushes us and other coaches to keep honing our craft so we can grow the sport by providing the best possible service.

We looked at all the coaching in Boulder and it ranges from $100 – $500 a month for some variation of spreadsheet coaching: email, training plan, phone, and maybe some face-time. IPA has 8x a month coached workout minimum, one-to-one face time (all the time), and all the other extra bonuses you have come to expect. It also opens the club up to new members with a very strong incentive to give IPA a try.

As you know, our mission with IPA is to help develop you into the best athletes you can be for a lifetime. All of you have experienced an IPA moment of getting faster, self coaching, magic workout moments, and helping each other get fitter, faster, funner.

To that end, we are going to invite IPA veterans to become deputized Coaches. We are introducing PEER to PEER coaching for all our new team members and would like to informally match them up with seasoned IPA athletes for mentoring. This way, new members will have the benefit to learn about IPA athletes’ experiences, have their questions answered, and generally feel adopted as they step onto their path of becoming the best athletes they can be.

You still have head coaches and that do all the plans, but you have access to the inherent knowledge of racing, training, resting, dealing with life, and how to stay on the success track. Collectively as a group we can pass along knowledge into a community quickly, easily, with great trust.

We will hold you accountable, give you objective feedback, help you see the big picture and interpret training data for you.  Oh, and you’ll have a ton of fun in the process.
We help you train for Ironman, ½ IM,  Olympic, Sprint and all duathlon distances.
Have a plan, work the plan, have fun. Build strength, power, and speed first – then start adding in endurance.  Train your mind and body to go fast, and then layer in longer distances as the season progresses.
You will do long runs and rides. And sprinkled into your monthly schedule will be progressive repeats to build speed. Get fast to go long.
Your reference point is your pace.  If you ride at 18 mph for a 10 mile time trial, your interval work might be to hold 21 mph for 3 minutes and then rest 1 minute.  We are not asking you to go 28 mph, just practice for small amounts of time at a faster pace.
Swimming, at the longer distances of our races, is all about efficiency. Join your Masters group and we will fit your schedule into the overall plan. More importantly, we will hold stroke and open water clinics. Best of all – we can teach you how not to freak out in the beginning 10 minutes of the swim start.
We are going to utilize as much of Boulder County as we can. From Marshall Mesa, Tom Watson, Teller Farms, Davidson, Sanitas, and a couple of secret spots.
Dean and Bill are your coaches.  It’s a tribe. You get all of us.
Saturday for the upcoming week, with key workouts/weeks on the monthly calendar.
Two per week minimally and during the high season up to three or more.
Yes, in addition to 140.6 (Ironman) and 70.3 (1/2 Ironman), we welcome athletes for Olympic and Sprint races. Oh, let’s not forget Dean and the Duathletes. They are uber cool.

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